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I Run Like a Girl High Heels & Pushups


Run Like A Girl

Surely this phrase is meant as a compliment, right?

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I need this sign every morning.

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🌴Vacation Promo🌴

First 50 Reblog *likes don’t count*

MBF me

I’ll be gone for a week so i wanted to do one last promo before I leave. 

Ends tomorrow.

Also i went on an unfollow spree for inactive blogs and am only following 62 blogs now so I’ll check out everyones blogs as well :3

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How I feel doing double unders haha

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I just hit 723 followers and I want to thank you all for following me, this means a lot to me! This is the first time I am making a promo, so here are the rules:

• Must be following me

• Reblogs only (please no pro-ed blogs)

• First 10, can go over :)

I wish you all a good day ♥